Monday February 19th 11am – 2:30pm, Truth Baptist Church will be hosting a free youth bowling event. If you are a parent and would like your teen to join us for the event, please fill out the following form to leave us your contact information and let us know you allow your teen to participate in the event. If you have any questions you can contact pastor Kanon at 332-239-3895 周一2月19日早上11点-下午2点半,真理浸信教会在举行一个免费的保龄球活动。如果你是家长,要让你的青少年参加这个活动,请填写下面的表格,来告诉我们你的联系方式并且说你允许你的孩子参加这个活动。如果有任何问题可以联系石牧师:332-239-3895